#11 How to survive a heat wave without air conditioner

Posted on July 21, 2013


#11: How to survive a heat wave without air conditioner. 

As many may know, the east coast just endured a horrible, 5-day long heat wave. Now, let me rewind a little.

When my parents moved into our current home when I was just a little, innocent infant, they made a very detrimental decision. One, with lifelong consequences. I can not think of any other reason they made this decision, except perhaps in hope to raise a strong, resilient child who could survive harsh conditions and suffering. They hoped, indeed, to raise a warrior…… (they wanted to save money). Are you ready for it?

My parents didn’t install air conditioning. 

With a house over 100 years old, the process was difficult. And I don’t mean just central air- I mean any air conditioning. No window units, nothing.

Therefore, as you can imagine, this week has been purely torturous. It was a constant concern that I may drown in my own sweat while sleeping, or that at any given moment, I would spontaneously combust from the heat. In reference to the above statement, we actually did install one window unit of air conditioning  in a room on our third floor. I ventured up there, only to discover that a bunch of hornets had decided to build a nest between the windows and were slowly invading the room. Needless to say, I ran out and never returned.

My dad kept a close watch on me through this week of horror. For example, he woke me up every morning at 6:55 a.m. to tell me the heat index. “Today is going to feel like 107!” I constantly tried to remind him that if he let me sleep a bit more, I wouldn’t notice how hot it was (because naturally, I was asleep). He never listened. He also suggested that I go to the local library or Starbucks and sit on my computer, or maybe put myself up for adoption (though I may be a bit old for this). He insisted my poor housekeeper, Merle, leave at 12 o’clock, before she was able to watch her favorite show, Days of Our Lives. 

After a week of sleeping with two fans, frequenting local establishments to mooch of their air conditioning, going to the gym in order to sweat less and sneaking in vacationing couples’ pools (kidding?) I must say that, I am a survivor. If it was my parents’ goal to raise a Darwinian creature, one who survives as the fittest, I must say that they indeed succeeded.

Until the next heat wave, your hero.

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